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 Updating the Hyundai Vehicle           Navigation System 

  1. Check Compatibility and Availability:

    • Ensure that your Hyundai vehicle supports navigation updates and that updates are available for your specific model and year. You can usually find this information on the Hyundai website or by contacting your local Hyundai dealership.


  2. Purchase or Obtain Updates:

    • Depending on your Hyundai's navigation system, updates may be available for purchase from Hyundai or third-party providers. Some vehicles may come with complimentary map updates for a certain period. You can purchase updates online or inquire about them at a Hyundai dealership.


  3. Download Update Files:

    • If updates are available for download, visit the Hyundai website or the website of the navigation system provider to download the update files. Ensure that you download the correct files for your vehicle's navigation system.



  4. Prepare USB Drive (if applicable):

    • Some Hyundai vehicles may require you to transfer the update files to a USB drive for installation. Follow the instructions provided with the update files to prepare the USB drive properly.


  5. Install Updates:

    • Depending on your Hyundai model and navigation system, the update process may vary. Here's a general process:

      • If using a USB drive, insert the drive into the USB port in your vehicle's console.

      • Follow the on-screen prompts on your vehicle's navigation system to initiate the update process.

      • If prompted, enter any necessary activation codes or follow additional instructions provided with the update files.

      • The update process may take some time. Do not turn off the vehicle or interrupt the update process until it is complete.

      • Once the update is finished, follow any remaining on-screen prompts to finalize the installation.


  6. Verify Updates:

    • After the update process is complete, test the navigation system to ensure that the updates were successful. Check for updated maps, POI (points of interest) data, and any other relevant features.

  7. Keep Updated:

    • Periodically check for new updates to ensure that your navigation system stays current. Set reminders to check for updates according to the update schedule provided by Hyundai or the navigation system provider.

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